Westchase Children Enjoy a Cool After School Treat

Clinton, SC – Westchase Apartments welcomed their children home from the first day of school with a Kona Ice party! When the children got off their buses they heard the sounds of cheerful beach music and saw the colorfully dressed Kona employees waiting to give them a cool treat after a long day at school! The colorful truck offered a large assortment of flavors and even had a water-misting “Flavor-wave” where you could make your own flavor.

Property Manager Brooks Ashmore used 50 raffle tickets to hand out to kids and tenants when they signed up for the treats and to keep track of costs. They redeemed each raffle ticket for one snow cone. The truck charges $150 dollars for one hour and 50 snow cones. After the first 50 cones, the price is $2.50 per snow cone for an additional 50 cones. After the first hour, or 100 snow cones, the price is $3.50 each. Westchase did go over their 50 limit by about four snow cones but Kona was gracious enough not to charge them.

“Westchase is required to provide Supportive Services for their tenants every month and rely on donated or budget-friendly activities most of the year. Being so conservative allows us to treat our residents to a big event a couple of times a year,” says Ashmore. “The Kona event was a huge success and everyone kept asking when they would be back!”