Meet the Manager at Brookstone

McCaysville, GA – Brookstone has a secret weapon! Meet Julie Johnson. She joined the BMI team in late August and has quickly gained a reputation as energetic, hard-working, and eager to learn.   Pictured here, Julie is learning to key locks!

When asked what has been the most unexpected part about being a property manager, Julie said, “I didn’t expect to have a direct impact on the way our tenants live and how they feel about where they live.  I know them each by name, am fair but firm about the rules and this sets the stage for a great community that I am privileged to be a part of.”

At her core, Julie feels she is a trainer. “In addition to working in management, I’ve taught boxing and self-defense classes for over 13 years,” shared Julie. “New students are my favorite!” She is passionate about teaching people in her classes and she enjoys trying out a new hobby every six months because she loves learning new skills. Assistant District Manager Marie Strickland added, “Julie has such drive and motivation! She is unstoppable!”