Managers and Compliance Have a Meet Up!

Lincolnton, GA – Recently Marcia Kirkland held her district meeting and invited Babbie Jaco, along with compliance managers Ronnie Van Winkle and Amanda Herbert, to come speak to her managers about budgets, tax credit and compliance. Each manager was required to send Marcia two questions before the meeting.

Every question was answered during the informal roundtable and all the mangers enjoyed troubleshooting how to handle issues that come up in property management and getting clarification on several requirements. “I understand more about compliance,” said property manager Ashley Best, “and why we do things the way we do!”

Talk about compliance wasn’t the only thing being “dished out!” Lincoln property manager, Terrie Turner did a wonderful job hosting the event, setting up, preparing and serving everyone a great meal. Cathy Strickland summed it up saying, “It was a great day. We all enjoyed Babbie speaking to us in a small group setting and listening to each of us. Fun was had by all!”