Fairfield Gets Fired Up!

Vienna, GA – Betty Towns, Fairfield Property Manager, says, “I want my residents to understand BMI isn’t just about do’s and don’ts, they’re about educating our residents. I want my residents to strive towards the goal of learning how to live and be happy, so I held a residents’ fire safety meeting called the 3 L’s: Live. Laugh. Learn.”

Betty invited a local Fire Volunteer, Kenny, to educate the residents on fire safety and 30 of her 48 residents attended the meeting. They really responded to Kenny and his presentation and clapped when he was done!

The meeting ended with fellowship and laughter. Dinner was donated by McDonald’s who provided 40 cheeseburgers and a local restaurant named Good to Go who gave them fried catfish, hush puppies and fries. They had planned to end the night dancing “the bus stop” but ran out of time! That will be on the next agenda.